31: Go all in as a Dad with Like Arrows co-producer, author Dennis Rainey

A power packed chat with Dennis Rainey, co-producer of the movie Like Arrows and co-host of Family Life today.  Jeff Jerina and Dennis Rainey talk about the movie Like Arrows and how it encourages men and women in their roles as parents.  Dennis tells listeners on the Men Unplugged podcast about the inspiration behind the movie, as well as, important aspects about parenting, marriage and being a father.  That parenting is tough at times and it requires men to be all in.   You’ll get powerful tips on how to raise your kids in a way that honors the Lord and impacts your kids by never giving up and loving your kids and wife selflessly with self denial.   

Dennis Rainey is the co-host of the radio program Family Life Today, co-author of more than two dozen books including his new book, Stepping Up, a speaker at the Weekend to Remember Marriage getaways and co-producer of the movie Like Arrows, which is showing in select theaters for the last time, today May 3rd.

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Men Unplugged contest giveaway ending May 11th – Go to the Men Unplugged facebook page to enter (Giveaway Alert post)
  2. Strand Study Bible (PDF version – sold exclusively at Men Unplugged.net)
  3. Covenant Eye’s (internet accountablity (FREE month membership with promo code = MenUnplugged)
  4. Personality Type Finder
  5. Like Arrows
  6. Stepping Up
  7. Art of Parenting
  8. Choosing a Life that Matters
  9. The Knowledge of the Holy

3 Key Points:

  • Being a dad is not about being perfect it’s more about not quitting, knowing where your going, having a direction and knowing the God of the universe.
  • Pray with your wife daily
  • Be intentional about being a dad with your wife and your kids

Family Life started as a marriage preparation ministry and then they created the Weekend to Remember getaways.

Dennis shares that if you want to make an impact on a kid you have to start with the mom and dad in their marriage.  Like Arrows is a story about a couple as they go from dating, to pregnancy, to marriage, the often times difficult but rewarding part of being a parent and then growing old together as empty nesters. It also encourages husbands and wives to lean on God and His Word, the Bible as they parent their children together.

The movie was first shot as 8 minute video segments for the Art of Parenting study video series that goes along with Dennis’ book the Art of Parenting.  They shared this with the Kendrick brothers and they mentioned this would be a great movie.

Art of Parenting video series that goes along with the movie that you can go through with your wife and with other couples in a Bible study.

Be encouraged by the high honor that God gives a man and woman as a married couple to raise children.  Men have to be sacrificial and selfless as they serve their wife and their kids.

The title of the book is taken form the Bible passage in Psalm 127:3-5.

Dennis shares, a parent is a warrior on behalf of a generation yet to come.  And he’s taking the arrows to be pulled out of his quiver to be drawn back with a bow, to be aimed at a target and to be let go with spiritual impact and purpose in mind.

As a parent seize every moment with your child.

Be an initiator, be intentional as a man.  As a husband and as a father.  Be intentional about teaching your kids about marriage, work and life in general.  Learn to be intentional about being a dad just like you are at work.  Be intentional about getting in the Bible and about teaching your kids about God’s Word.  Do it in everyday life.

Dennis shares his personal testimony of how he came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Dennis shares the greatest success of his life.

Dennis Rainey shares his greatest failure and what you as a man can learn from it.

Dennis shares some advice he would have told himself going forward in his life if he could go back to high school.

Dennis shares an achilles heel that has a tendency to hold him back.

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