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Josh McDowell
Episode 50
Wisdom Tips
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Kevin Sorbo
Episode 98
How To Live Your Faith
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Brian Bosworth
Episode 53
Living as a True Warrior
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Gary Thomas
Episode 53
Marriage Masterclass
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Steve Arterburn
Episode 10
Claim Victory Over Temptation
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Chris Coghlan
Episode 46
Winning Life Lessons
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Larry Jackson
Episode 75
Three Step to Live as a Man of God
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Brad Stine
Episode 96
Experiencing God
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Gary Chapman
Episode 97
How to Manage Your Anger
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Men Unplugged Podcast with Jeff Jerina 

What Happens to Love When Anger Kicks In

In this episode of the Men Unplugged podcast, Jeff Jerina chats with Joel Malm to understand how we can use our anger and anxiety for good, in a healthy way, and by doing so we won’t harm others and ultimately we’ll be able to use those emotions for our own advantage.

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110: How to End Anxiety while Glorifying God

On today’s episode I’ll be talking with pastor Josh Weidmann about God’s ultimate purpose for our pain. We will also be outlining practical steps that you can take to deal with anxiety and worry right now, while glorifying God at the same time.

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109: How to Lead With Love (guest Joel Manby)

Joel Manby joins Jeff Jerina on the Men Unplugged show. We’re going to be talking about is how to lead with love. Not just this pie in the sky idea of what it looks like, but real life practical examples and actionable steps that you can implement in your life today. You’ll learn why it’s so hard to lead with love. How to overcome your old way of thinking as it relates to leadership. As well as, practical steps that you can take right now to lead in a better way, in a way that truly honors God and edifies and encourages others at the same time. You’ll also learn God’s number one commandment as a leader.

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108: A Powerful Story of Redemption

Jeff talks with former high school gunman, TJ Stevens. We’ll be discussing TJ’s powerful story of redemption of how he went from a troubled teenager who was severely depressed, filled with rage and anger, that held 10 students hostage for 21 hours with the intent of ending their life and his to an amazing transformation of love and grace through the power of Jesus Christ.

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106: How God Takes Your Struggles and Shame and Transforms Them Into Significance (Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline)

Mark Stuart, former lead singer of the Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline joins the Men Unplugged podcast to chat with host, Jeff Jerina to share life lessons from his past, trials the Lord has delivered him from, and ultimately how when you feel abandoned by God, He’s still there, taken you into deep waters, to do something new and better, something that will move you into a life of significance and purpose. See all the resources and links mentioned in this episode at the bottom of this post (click read more for show notes).

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105: How God Loves You Into Wholeness

Discover how God loves you into wholeness. The reality of accepting our brokenness (admitting that we are flawed in some way) and allowing Christ to restore us can be difficult to do, especially when we get in the way! But the great news is, you can take your brokenness (all of your sins, shortcomings, whatever) and be complete as you allow Jesus to make you whole and blameless. So the question is, how do you do that? What does that look like? You’ll get the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Men Unplugged podcast with Jeff Jerina and featured guest…

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104: How to Massively Turn Your Dreams into an Amazing Reality

How do you overcome disappointments? What are characteristics of a dream that is worth chasing? How does a person’s dreams or goals impact his or her prayer life? Find out all of this and more in today’s Men Unplugged podcast episode as author and host, Jeff Jerina chats with Joshua Gagnon on how to finish strong in your personal journey.

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103: How to Keep Your Child Safe Online with an Award Winning App for Dads and Moms

Learn about an award winning software that will help you as a dad or mom, PROTECT your son or daughter on the internet. Whether it’s on your or child’s Android, iPhone, or Amazon device. This software will help you MONITOR, DETECT, AND ALERT any harmful situations your children may be exposed to in EMAIL, TEXT MESSAGING, SOCIAL MEDIA, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, YAHOO or more.

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About the Show 

On the weekly show, Jeff Jerina and well-known Christian leaders discuss key topics to help you go the next level in your faith, relationships, health, finances, career, discipleship, and more.

Heard by thousands of godly men across the globe, and featured in Christian publications, Christian organization, Christianity Today, Moody Radio, and others; it has been dubbed by many as “A Must for Every Man.”

You’ll hear from trusted voices, such as:

Josh McDowell, Kevin Sorbo, Gary Chapman, Brian Bosworth, Dennis Rainey, Gary Thomas, Steve Arterburn, Brad Stine, Larry Jackson, Neil Anderson, Sean McDowell, MercyMe, Pro Athletes, Military / Business leaders, and more!

Discover the answers you need to ignite your faith and succeed in every aspect of life.

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Men Unplugged is Daily Wisdom to Help You Live as a True Warrior for Christ!

It’s essentailly the best coaching by the best coaches around, on a different topic each week to help you succeed in every aspect of your life.  

Jeff and his guests don’t just talk about the issues or topics that men deal with.  They give you the resources, practical tips and biblical wisdom to recharge your life!

You’ll be encouraged, amused and equipped as speaker, evangelist, author and entrepreneur Jeff Jerina chats with inspiring Christian leaders every week on the Men Unplugged show.  

Every episode is packed with life lessons, real answers and valuable resources that will help you in some area of life.

In addition, you’ll also hear compelling stories from each of Jeff’s guests as they share their personal tesimony of faith in Jesus Christ, their strengths, weaknesses and a whole lot more.

Jeff Jerina

Jeff is a family man who happens to be the founder and host of Men Unplugged, as well as, an author, evangelist, entrepreneur, and master motivator.  Learn more »


Why We Do This… The Men Unplugged Community

I have listened to several of your Podcasts and have been encouraged and challenged by them.  What drew me to your Podcast is something that happened back in February of this year.  My youngest son grew up in church and attended Christian schools from day one through high school… He dropped out of church and began to explore other religions as well as atheism. In February of this year, he was the D.J. at an event you either attended or sponsored.  He called us after the event ended and told us that you had shared your faith with him.  He was blown away that you would even care about him…  It was your faithfulness to share the good news of Jesus Christ that touched his heart.  God has done some amazing things in his life.  From one father to another, thank you!  Thank you for caring about a young man who felt like Christians do not care about him.  Thank you for being willing to take time to speak with him.  Sincerely, Joel M. Texas

“Jeff delivers timely and impactful messages he gleans from his guests! Useful and actionable information every man can use in his life.  A well-produced podcast which is just the right length.  Great work!”  Greg Wagner, Texas

“Hey Jeff!  Thank you so much for your efforts in spreading God’s word and inspiring Christians all across the world to fix their eyes on Jesus. I became a Christian on May 19, 2018 and your podcast has been transforming my walk with Christ each day. I couldn’t be more thankful that God has brought me to your show.”  Jason K., Australia

“This is a great resource for men of any age and stage of life.  I really appreciate the way Jeff and his guests open up about their own lives and how God them through the tough times.  The topics they discuss each week have really helped me grow closer to Jesus.   The information they share has given me a lot of great pointers and wisdom on how to live my life.  Thank you Jeff!  This is a resource we all need as men.”  Matthew H., Florida

“Jeff and his guests bring God’s Word right to the heart of the matter of being connected to your God given purpose and mission.  Thanks for helping me find my purpose.  Adam, Tennessee

“Your show has been instrumental in my learning about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian.  I absolutely love what you are doing. You have a fantastic talent for interviewing people and bringing out their wisdom.  I could go on for a lot longer about how much I like the show, but just know that I am deeply appreciative of what you are doing.”  Bobby R.

“Positive advice and lessons for Christians at every point in their walk with God.”  Joseph C., Arkansas

“This podcast is great because Jeff Jerina is not affraid to ask the tough questions.  I look forward to listening every week because it is the perfect push to help me get through the week and remind me of the importance of what it means to be a man of Christ!”  A.C., California

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