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With thousands of faithful men listening in over 90 countries, the Men Unplugged talk show provides biblical wisdom, practical tips, and life lessons from well-known Chrisitan leaders. Author and host, Jeff Jerina chats with inspiring and influential beleivers to help you go the next level in your FAITH, FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, and CAREER!

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Simple and Proven Concepts to Help You Go the Next Level in Your Personal and Professional Life! Each course is specifically designed to help you in one or more key areas. Each course comes with online videos, audio downloads, and actionable items that you can apply today – to MASSIVELY IMPROVE your life! 

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Equipping you with the tools and resources you need to grow closer to Jesus Christ, lead your family, protect your loved ones, live your purpose, walk in freedom and victory. These resources include FREE and discounted software tools, one of a kind digital study Bible, online training courses, books, coaching, conferences, keynote speeches, and more.

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“I love what you guys are doing at Men Unplugged! The name rocks. Helping men live out their faith is exactly what we as men of God need.”

Kevin Sorbo

Award Winning Actor

Men Unplugged, and it’s dynamic host Jeff Jerina, provides a practical, inspirational and entertaining resource for all men.”

Steve Fedyski

COO, Pure Flix

“This is exactly the kind of resource we need as men.  One that offers practical coaching on how to live as a true warrior for Christ.”

Brett Carroll

Pro Athlete, MLB Baseball

108: A Powerful Story of Redemption

Jeff talks with former high school gunman, TJ Stevens. We’ll be discussing TJ’s powerful story of redemption of how he went from a troubled teenager who was severely depressed, filled with rage and anger, that held 10 students hostage for 21 hours with the intent of ending their life and his to an amazing transformation of love and grace through the power of Jesus Christ.

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106: How God Takes Your Struggles and Shame and Transforms Them Into Significance (Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline)

Mark Stuart, former lead singer of the Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline joins the Men Unplugged podcast to chat with host, Jeff Jerina to share life lessons from his past, trials the Lord has delivered him from, and ultimately how when you feel abandoned by God, He’s still there, taken you into deep waters, to do something new and better, something that will move you into a life of significance and purpose. See all the resources and links mentioned in this episode at the bottom of this post (click read more for show notes).

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105: How God Loves You Into Wholeness

Discover how God loves you into wholeness. The reality of accepting our brokenness (admitting that we are flawed in some way) and allowing Christ to restore us can be difficult to do, especially when we get in the way! But the great news is, you can take your brokenness (all of your sins, shortcomings, whatever) and be complete as you allow Jesus to make you whole and blameless. So the question is, how do you do that? What does that look like? You’ll get the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Men Unplugged podcast with Jeff Jerina and featured guest…

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Cut Through the Noise

Through a simple and proven 4-step process, you’ll get the ultimate game plan to know why you make certain decisions, determine those things that bog you down, eat up your time, stress you out, and keep you from spending time with the Lord. After you learn what these things are, I’ll teach you how to manage or avoid them so that you can gain more freedom, experience more peace, and re-ignite your life.


by Jeff Jerina

Faith Without Fear

Learn How to Share What You Believe with Confidence and Power!  In the Faith Without Fear course, you will be taught a simple, step-by-step method for sharing the gospel with anyone you come across. And in the process you will ignite your faith, draw closer to God, and learn how to overcome any fear you may have as you learn how to share your Faith Without Fear!

$99 (Only $49 with your purchase of the Faith Without Fear book)

by Jeff Jerina

Power and Purpose

A Proven 10-Step system designed to take you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2, step 3) to discover and live your true purpose in life – your God-given Kingdom assignment. More than just a course, it comes with downloadable resources, tips, and more…


by Jeff Jerina

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