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Improve Your Relationships,
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  • Used by Fortune 500 Companies
  • Over 15 to choose from
  • For you, your wife, kids and team members
  • English, French & Spanish versions available
  • Starting at $12.95

    Benefits of our Personality Profiles

    • Improve your communication skills
    • Identify your Strengths
    • Increase productivity
    • Reduce stress
    • Learn how you come across to others
    • Unlock your leadership skills
    • Become more motivated
    • Improve relationships through understanding
    • Develop amazing people skills
    • Unlock your leadership potential
    • Quickly identify personality traits in others
    • Grow personally

    What's so Unique about our Profiles?

    A Men Unplugged personality profile is different from
    other DISC profiles available on the market
    by offering the following important features:

    You'll get positive, personalized feedback.

    We want you to be encouraged after you read your report, so the language we use is uplifting and helpful.

    You will not be labeled as having particular weaknesses or “blind-spots.
    No assumptions will be made about areas that you need to grow in. Instead, we identify areas to consider in order to be your best without being critical. This is, perhaps, the most unique aspect of our approach.
    You'll be encouraged in your strengths.
    You will better understand the value you have on a team and as an individual.
    Our focus has been to offer the best personality reports with the highest value.
    Each one of our personality assessments have been created with the utmost care as we strive to offer the best and personalized report that more clearly identifies how God has designed you for work and service.
    Your report will not label you in a simplistic manner.
    Many reports on the market give feedback based on only the 4 major personality traits. Your profile goes much further by emphasizing your unique BLEND of traits. Our technology is based on 41 specific blends of personality traits. Therefore, you get in-depth feedback while still having the advantage of the easily understood DISC model.
    We offer high value in the quality of the feedback given.
    We know that there is a wide range of prices available for personality reports in the market. Our approach is to offer reports that are both positive and practical, so we have invested heavily into our report processor system. Our content database is very extensive and has required many years to develop. Thus, our focus has not been to have the lowest price products.

    We also offer an Interaction Profile for you and your wife.

    This report will help you and your wife ommunicate better with one another better.  To run this report, please make sure each one of you have taken one of our personality assessments and then run both together through our interaction tool.

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