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What You Get With this Bible

27 Unique Features – An Amazing Study Bible At Your Fingertips

Scholarly References

Over 1100 Scholarly References.  Ensuring that the commentary and answers to the most common questions are verified for accuracy.

3-color coding for words of the Trinity

First time ever!  Words of the Trinity are color coded.  Father’s words in blue, Holy Spirit’s words in purple, and Words of Christ in red.

Essential Tools

Additional tools such as a Spiritual Gifts Test, Bible study Mini-series, biblical prophecy legend and more!

A Lifetime of Work

My good friend and mentor, Brad Strand, has spent over 40,000 hours and 40 years compiling this Bible.

Where to Find What Section

Find your answer quickly with the Strand Study Bible’s Where to Find What section.  An effective tool to help you find answers to over 600 questions about God, creation, salvation, sin, grace, etc.

Full Color Maps

Full color satellite maps of ancient biblical times.

“The Strand Study Bible is something every Christian, who wants to know the Bible, should have.”

Dr. Ed Reese – Author, Reese Chronological Study Bible

Sample Pages

A Quick Look at the Study Bible in Action

  • Easily jump from one page to the next.
  • Access any book of the Bible quickly and easily on your phone, iPad, Kindle or computer.

A Full Seminary Education without the Time or Cost

From the very first page of this Bible, your study and understanding of God’s Word will increase.  In addition, you will be available to access it on all your computer devices (phone, Ipad and computer).  Personally speaking, I still use this Bible in my own devotional time, when preparing for speeches, when leading Bible studies and throughout my seminary training.  You gotta have it, Jeff.

Scholarly References and Book Descriptions

With over 1100 scholarly references and individual book descriptions, you will gain a greater appreciation of God’s Holy Word.  With the exhaustive reference list provided, your Bible study will flourish.

Full Color Aerial Maps

Catch a glimpse of biblical times with full color maps.  These maps are unique in the sense that they are actual satellite images rather than map colors or sketches.  In addition to the full color rendering, each map comes with an explanation.

An Extensive Search Tool

Find answers to questions from A to Z in the Where to Find What section.  Locate the Scriptural references along with scholarly references and commentary quickly and efficiently.  Along with Greek and Hebrew language definitions your Bible study will never be the same.  Instead of looking at multiple sources, the Where to Find What section points you to the source for all answers – God’s Word.

What Others Are Saying

I have known Brad Strand for over a quarter of a century. I feel he has made available one of the best Study Bibles ever produced. The use of history, the explanation of basic Bible doctrines, the maps, the clarification of difficult texts, and much more, gives the reader insights to the Word of God not available anywhere else. It is something every Christian, who wants to know the Bible, should have.

Ed Reese

Author, Reese Chronological Bible

“All too often one may find himself or herself totally confused regarding which Bible to purchase. If, however you are looking for the most amount of scriptural, historical, and practical facts, look no further than THE STRAND STUDY BIBLE. This incredible Bible is not only on the cutting edge of relevant facts, it is the cutting edge!”

Dr. Harold Wilmington

Dean, Wilmington School of Bible - Liberty University

“After reviewing and reading the first 30-40 pages, I know I am going to love this Bible. Definitely would like a printed version when the 2nd one is released.  I like the history of the Bible and all the charts and notes.”
Mike Priest

Manager, Business Processes Company


Purchase your PDF Version of the Strand Study Bible by itself or together with the I’m Saved Now What pamphlet.

I’m Saved Now What Pamphlet

7 core truths for every born-again believer.

These truths will help you understand your salvation is secure, as well as, strengthen your relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A great addition to the Strand Study Bible, you can purchase the pamphlet alone or together with the Bible.  When purchased together, you will receive 50% off the normal price of the PDF pamphlet.

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