86: Your Ultimate Guide for Responding to Tough Moments in Life

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if everything went your way? If you never a bad day? If you never had a difficult situation or tough moment that you had to go through.  As unrealistic as that sounds, still it would be nice though, right. 

So if we can’t have that, what if you had a straightforward guide for responding and dealing with those tough moments in life.  That’s what you will get on today’s episode of the Men Unplugged podcast as guest Ken Summers a West Nile Virus survivor discusses with Men Unplugged host, Jeff Jerina, today. 

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Guest Bio:

Ken Summers is a Colorado native. His life has been a commitment to serving others. He was in full-time ministry for 28 years before entering the world of politics. He served six years in the Colorado House of Representatives. In 2013 he contracted a life-threatening case of West Nile Virus which redirected his life and priorities. Ken has been married to his wife Debbie for 42 years. They have two adult children and six grandchildren. He is also the author of The Longest Campaign.

Key Points:

  • You may have a debilitating condition but as a believer in Jesus Christ, your condition does not have you.
  • God has the final say in your life.
  • When you are facing a crisis it’s not time to be prideful.  It’s time to accept the help from others.

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