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Landing a quality speaker can be tough.  Especially if you are trying to find one that can motivate and relate with your audience on a real and personal level.  Not to mention a presenter who has the ability to communicate with a variety of people from different backgrounds and experiences.

As an individual who has led teams and projects in the corporate, non-profit and sports industries I completely understand.  That’s why I take my role as a keynote speaker and event trainer so serious.  I look forward to working with you.

An Overview of this Page

This page provides a brief overview of how I can help you, your men’s group, school, church or organization through my speaking and training forums.  For your convenience, select the links below to advance to that particular topic.

» What You Can Expect
» A Little About Me
» My Most Requested Topics
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If you would like to check my availability for your event, please email or contact me directly here:

What You Can Expect

Here is what you can expect from me and my team:

  • Prompt and professional communications before and during your event.
  • An informal conversation with me before your event ensuring that I know your audience, event date and any other logistical information.
  • A professionally prepared, timely and motivational keynote or training forum that aligns with your event vision.
  • Professional attire and demeanor during your event.
  • A quick follow-up to find out how the keynote or training went.  Because I value the feedback from my customers I would like to hear how your experience with myself and team went (before, during and after the event).
A little about me

As an evangelist, speaker and the founder and host of Men Unplugged my passion is:

  • To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the hope of seeing others come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • To teach other believers how to accurately share the Gospel message
  • To see men live with power and purpose

With that said, God has given me an ability to meet and engage with people of all ages, life experiences and backgrounds in such a way that allows me to invoke trust and transparency with those I communicate with.

Through my corporate, small business, sports coaching, ministry and radio / podcast experience I am able to relate to small and large audiences in various speaking capacities (keynote speaker, video presenter, emcee, interviewer and trainer).  As an ordained pastor I understand the need for authentic ministry – one where non-believers and Christians alike see the power of the cross.

I enjoy speaking to large and small groups, churches, seminars, schools and retreat venues.  Additionally, I lead a large men’s ministry and fundraising efforts for a non-profit Christian school, a professional tennis coach, as well as, own and operate a Christmas lighting business.

I just published my first book (an ebook) – Ten Steps to Power and Purpose  and am in the process of publishing my second book in 2018 (an evangelism training book – an expansion of my evangelism training course I developed in 2008).

Currently, I host the Men Unplugged podcast where I talk with top Christian leaders multiple days a week on topics to help men succeed in life.

I have been happily married to my wife Amy for since 2008.  We have two children (our daughter and son).  In my free time I enjoy coaching my daughter’s soccer team (Go Dolphins!), playing and coaching tennis, golfing and going to the beach (I wished I lived there).

My Most Requested Topics

A Prodigal's Journey
In this keynote speech I talk openly and honestly about my life before placing my faith in Jesus Christ.  Your audience will learn:

  • how seeking approval and identity in others, as well as, chasing things of this world ultimately leave you empty inside
  • the power of forgiveness
  • to never give up (no matter what your circumstances are in life)

Additionally, you will learn how Jesus Christ turned my life around (from an individual who was severely depressed with suicide thoughts for over four years, battling for my life through BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder);  near financial ruin, poor choices of alcohol, drugs, and partying to an individual who now knows that his identity is in Jesus Christ.

This keynote is great for:

  • Men’s groups
  • Retreats and Seminars
  • High school or college students
  • Churches and ministry teams.

The title of this speech is fitting as it describes my life, as well as, my published poem for purchase – A Prodigal’s Journey.  For an abridged version of Jeff’s testimony please watch this video.

Cut Through the Noise to Hear God
An uplifting talk on how to cut through the noise in your life to hear the voice of God.
Your Story Matters
A dynamic keynote speech about the power of your story of redemption.  How your personal testimony matters in Heaven and it matters to someone or others hear on earth.
Break Free

This speech is an encouraging talk about living in the freedom that we have as believers in Jesus Christ.  Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save it.  To set the captives free.  Not just for one day at the moment of your salvation, but for all eternity.  So the question is, are you ready to break free from those things that hold you back, weigh you down so you can live in complete victory?  If you answered yes, this talk is for you and your group.

Prepare to Win
An encouraging and discipleship making talk on being ready to share the Gospel anywhere, anytime and to anyone.
Power and Purpose

An enouraging talk to get you started on your journey to finding and living your true purpose in life.  Taken from Jeff’s book, Ten Steps to Power and Purpose, you’ll gain the tips needed to live in the power of Jesus Christ and discover how God has wired you to make an impact in the lives of others.

Honor the Call
This keynote is great for:

  • a men’s retreat
  • prayer breakfast
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting
  • or even a high school or college sports team

The main theme of this sermon is how we can honor God’s call in our lives – in our normal everyday walk, on the job and in the game.  This presentation centers around Romans 12:10.

Peter - the Man in All of Us
This is a great message for men to hear at a men’s retreat or seminar.  This 3-part series (30 minutes each) with break out sessions is sure to help the men of your church or ministry grow closer to God.  There are primarily three passages of Scripture that are discussed in this sermon series.
The True Test of Courage
What is true courage?  What does it take to stand up for what you know is right when everything and everyone seems to stack up against you?  Why it’s so important to have a band of brothers that you can link arms with to share one another’s struggles and to have the courage to admit your faults and sins.  Let’s find out what God has to say about true courage and what biblical figures we can look at to guide the way.
A Thriving Men's Ministry
Taken from over seventeen years of experience starting and leading men’s ministries, Jeff will help you, your church, or school understand the biblical components of creating and sustaining a vibrant community of men.

This talk is best suited for:

  • Ministry leaders
  • Individuals hoping to start a men’s community at their school
  • A group of guys with a heart for men’s ministry
Evangelism Training
This training consists of several presentations, group discussions and audience participation.

This training is from Jeff’s experience as a Christian evangelist sharing the Gospel and equipping other believers to do the same.  He has been teaching this since 2008 at churches, schools, mission teams and individuals.

Be on the lookout for this evangelism training course which is being published in book format sometime in the Summer / Fall of 2018.

For more information about the course specifics please contact me directly to find out more about my evangelism training seminars / courses.

Creating a Lifestyle of Evangelism
How do I maintain a passion for sharing your faith?  Isn’t a one week mission trip per year enough?  Why is my church congregation disengaged in personal evangelism?  These and other questions are answered in this though provoking sermon.  You and your congregation will go home feeling encouraged, challenged, and equipped to maintain a culture of evangelism.
I have spoken at numerous galas, fundraisers and banquets.  Additionally, I enjoy announcing high school football games.

Josh McDowell

  • Guest on Episode 50
  • Wrote Foreword for my Evangelism training book
  • Author of over 150 books

Dave Brown, Former Appointee to President Ronald Reagan

J C Watts, Former United States Congressman

Steve Fedyski, COO, Pure Flix Entertainment

Gary Thomas

Brett Carroll, Former MLB Player

Dr. David Cook, Sports Psychologist and Executive Producer, Seven Days in Utopia

Steve Arterburn, Best-Selling Author and Acclaimed Counselor

Brad Strand, Pastor and Author of Strand Study Bible

Dr. Mike Chrasta

Paul Pettit, Professor Dallas Theological Seminary

John Christian, Business Owner

Gregory W. Slayton, Former U.S. Diplomat

David Dryden, Managing Partner Wealth Finance Company

Matt Dumas, Senior Pastor

Doug Powell, Equipping Pastor

Dr. Greg Ammons, Head Pastor

Dr. Rodney Whaley, Professor Worship Department, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. Dave Pederson, Professor and Program Director for Global Studies, Liberty School of Divinity

Dr. Austin Tucker, Professor Theological Studies, Liberty School of Divinity

Brandt Wright, Executive Pastor, Northwest Bible Church

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