49: How to Achieve Success through Joyful Discipline and Setting Goals (NFL player, Taylor Symmank)

Learn how to achieve success through joyful discipline and goal setting.  NFL New York Giants punter, Taylor Symmank joins the Men Unplugged podcast with host, Jeff Jerina.  Taylor and Jeff discuss how your discipline everyday with the long and short-term goals you set is paramount in achieving success the way God intended.  Taylor also shares his story from wide receiver to his professional career in the National Football league.

Key Points:

  • First step in discipline is goal setting
  • Movement doesn’t always equal progress
  • If we don’t measure what we’re trying to achieve we can’t manage it.
  • Start big picture and then narrow your actions down to daily consistent tasks
  • Discipline starts with knowing what you direction you want to go and then  adding those daily tasks behind it
  • Because Jesus Christ has set you free you can have joyful discipline
  • Be hungry not complacent in achieving the goals you set in life
  • Get clarity on who you are and what you want to do

Resources Mentioned:



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