14: Take your stand and watch God win the battle | Plus wisdom from Seven Days in Utopia with Dr. David Cook

Every man of God needs to take a stand.  Similar to one of David’s mighty men – Shammah.  Jeff chats with author of Seven Days in Utopia, Golf’s Sacred Journey, executive producer of the movie Seven Days in Utopia starring Robert Duval and Lucas Black and sports psychologist Dr. David Cook.  Get some amazing tips from the book and how Dr. Cook came up with the idea of the book from one little acronym SFT.  Learn what S F T really means.  A great lesson from 2 Samuel 23:11-12 a life changing verse. Valuable insight from the life of Shammah, one of King David’s mighty men on how to stand tall for God.  All of the other Israelites fled, however, Shammah took his stand against the Phillistines as a warrior for Christ and God brought a great victory through the hands of Shammah.

Dr. Cook has helped numerous professional athletes conquer compete at the highest level.  Including the San Antonio Spurs basketball team including David Robinson and Tim Duncan during their first two championship seasons.  He also coached numerous PGA Golf Tour Champions, Olympians, Fortune 500 companies and more.  Golfers like Tom Lehman and Scott Simpson have acknowledged his expertise in the field of sports psychology.  Golf Digest titled him Top 10 Mental Game expert.  He served in a position of the United States Olympic team in 1988. His articles have been featured in numerous publications.  He also the President and Chairman of the Board for Utopia Films.

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