73: The Ultimate Strategy to Balance Your Life

How do you balance your life according to God’s plan? Creating a schedule that puts the most important things first like your time with the Lord, your family and friends before anything else. Regardless of your job or career there is a way that you can prioritize your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ, to spend more time with your wife and show your loved ones they matter.  Jeff’s good friend and guest, Barry Wallis, provides key insight and practical tips that you can apply in your own life to maintain balance week after week while honoring the Lord, uplifting others, and giving you time to unplug.

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Guest Bio:

As a servant leader and good friend of Jeff’s, Barry Wallis has a heart for helping others succeed.  His proven leadership skills have helped numerous organizations exceed their corporate milestones, as well as, restoring communities through his humanitarian work.  Currently, he’s the CEO of Gerazim Technology Group, development partner for New Hope Energy, the Chairman of Digging Deep, and CEO of CARE which is an exciting veteran’s initiative that provides our military vets with jobs, health, and long term care.

Key Points:

  • God tells us the order we should plan our lives.
  • Make minor adjustments to your schedule periodically so you don’t get off track in your life.
  • Every man needs to ask himself three questions: 
    • Where have you been?
    • How long have you been there?
    • Where are you going?
  • Put the big rocks in first in your life.

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