51: How to Embrace the Spirit of Sonship (and Change Your Life) with NCAA football referee, Jeff Hutcheon

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An amazing Masterclass on Sonship. Jeff Hutcheon, NCAA college football referee and executive director of The Remnant shares how you as a follower of Jesus Christ can win the battle against the Orphan spirit so that you can embrace your ultimate belonging as a son or daughter of God Almighty, your Abba Father. Knowing that your Heavenly Father loves and accepts you as you are through Jesus Christ’s work on the cross 2000 years ago. But to have the Spirit of Sonship to have the Holy Spirit reside in you, you have to be accept God’s free gift of salvation through your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Key Points:

  1. Sonship is available to you – right now! God is asking you to accept your true identity as a child of God through Jesus Christ’s sacrificial work on the cross.
  2. Activation of the Spirit of Sonship in your life requires two steps: 1) Accepting and 2) Embracing your new identity in Jesus Christ
  3. Sonship in God means we acquire the full rights of sons and daughters of the King of Kings. You have the rights of your Heavenly Father as an heir through your faith in Jesus Christ.   
  4. Responding requires you to reflect
  5. Spirit of Sonship means learning to act in the Spirit not in your flesh

Question for you: Are you walking in the smile of the Father knowing you’re accepted as a son or daughter of your Heavenly Father or in your own fleshly efforts?

Resources Mentioned:

  1. First month FREE of Internet Accountability through Men Unplugged’d partnership with Covenant Eyes. Get the ultimate shield on the internet HERE (MenUnplugged.net/eyes) and use promo code = MenUnplugged
  2. Ten Steps to Power and Purpose
  3. A Prodigal’s Journey
  4. Scripture verses: Romans 8:14-16, Galatians 4:4-6, Ephesians 1:3-6
Jeff Jerina, Founder and Host of the Men Unplugged show chats with other top Christian Leaders every week to help men ignite their faith, strengthen their family and live with power and purpose.  As a gifted communicator, evangelist and author Jeff speaks and offers training forums to organizations, churches, Men’s groups, school and events.



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