43: How to Practice Humility (former NFL player and author Doug Kingsriter)

Gain key insights about practicing humility with former NFL Minnesota Viking tight end, author and producer Doug Kingsriter.  Get the right mindset about practicing humility in today’s podcast.  Gain practical tips on how to win the battle over the sin of pride to remain humble.  Jeff and Doug thank our armed forces in America for their service to our country.  A chat about Doug’s time in college with the University of Minnesota football team and the United Service Organization (USO).

Key Points

  • Understand that there is a pathway to humility.
  • Humility is a by-product of our spiritual understanding
  • Show honor where honor is due
  • To win the battle of pride – stay close to God, read the Bible, pray
  • Jesus Christ is everything we are not
  • Move your problems into the Kingdom of God through prayer – bring faith into the situation
  • Remember that God has authority over you as a believer
  • Your situation is not the truth, Jesus is the truth

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