74: How to Master the 9 Levels of Commitment

What are the 9 levels of commitment? How can they help you live a better life and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ? Find out on this episode of Men Unplugged. You’ll get the strategy that will help you strengthen your relationships, enhance your skill set, thrive at work and ultimately deepen your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Now if that wasn’t enough to get you fired up, the gentleman that will be outlining this battle plan with Jeff today was a former NCAA football coach for the University of Tulsa for 12 seasons, He was awarded the NCAA District Coach of the Year award in 1991.  In 2008 he received the Merv Johnson Integrity in Coaching Award. Oklahoma State Senator Dave Rader has coached numerous NFL quarterbacks before retiring from coaching.

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Guest Bio:

As a former head football coach for the University of Tulsa for 12 seasons,  Senator Rader was awarded the NCAA District Coach of the Year, where he coached his team to a Freedom Bowl Championship in 1991.  When he took the job at Tulsa he was the youngest head coach in collegiate football.  His teams consistently graduated at a higher rate than the school body itself.     He received the Merv Johnson Integrity in Coaching Award in 2008.  Since retiring from football, he has been inducted into four Halls of Fame.  He’s also the author of  the book, Missing Page from the Playbook.  Currently, he serves as a State Senator in Oklahoma.

Key Points:

  • When you get knocked down, get back up 
  • The 9 levels of commitment can be learned, executed, and taught by anyone regardless of your job our career.
  • You have to complete the first 3 levels of commitment to accomplish anything in life.
  • As men we need to rise up to meet our commitment as fathers to our children.
  • Remember following Jesus Christ can be tough because you have to take up your cross, but it is the most rewarding thing you can do.
  • The greatest coach ever is the King of Kings, Jesus ChristGod tells us the order we should plan our lives.

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