39: Trust and abide in the Lord – plus more Power Tips with former pro athlete Brett Carroll

Jeff Jerina wraps up his conversation with former Major League baseball player (part 1 in Ep. 38) and current owner of BC Athletics, Brett Carroll.  Brett shares his personal testimony of when he trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Brett also talks about disciplines he’s practiced throughout his life to be successful and tips on remaining humble and abiding in the Lord,  Jeff Jerina shares his personal testimony of the circumstances that led to his saving faith in Jesus Christ.





Key Points

  • Humble yourself before God allowing Him to work through you so your toll is not in vain
  • Knowing the Lord accepts you as you are frees you from the performance trap
  • Sometimes a simple pray asking the Holy Spirit to help you is enough.  Telling God you need Him in your life
  • As Christians we get to be part of the greatest story ever told – the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Trust and abide in the Lord
  • We’re not saved because we’re good but because God is good


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