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  • Publishes every Monday
  • Facebook Live every Wednesday
  • Segments include:
    • Guest interviews with top Christian leaders
    • Key topics that all men face
    • “Supercharge” round
    • Key Resources and tools
    • Select video interviews *
    • * Some podcast/audio shows in video also.
  • Podcast Reach:  United States and 35 plus countries
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  • Brief avatar:  Christian men (single, dads, husbands) who
    live normal everyday lives in all occupations and ages ranging
    from 21 years old and up
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Men Unplugged is a Christ-centered resource for men where Jeff Jerina interviews top Christian leaders on issues that real men face.  With guests from all occupations:  professional athletes to business pros, we help men gain timely WISDOM to succeed as a man.

Guests include: Robby Shaffer from MercyMe, Steve Arterburn, NFL Superbowl champ Chad Hennings, Dr. David Cook, JC Watts, Dennis Rainey and others.

On the Men Unplugged podcast, men are encouraged and equipped as they learn from inspiring and successful men of faith who have wrestled with and found victory in all sorts of areas that men face—from family to finances to career and retirement.

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