DISCOVER and LIVE Your True Purpose

At Your Own Pace in the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office!

In this practical 10 Step online training course you’ll learn this and more:

  • How God has designed you for a specific purpose.
  • What motivates and drives you.
  • Your spiritual gifts.
  • How your past experiences help you determine who you’re meant to be.
  • Simple steps to discover and live your true purpose!
  • How to overcome those obstacles that are currently holding you back.
  • BONUS:  (1) Free Spiritual Gifts assessment found in Strand Bible (exclusively at – learn more BELOW
  • BONUS:  (1) Personality Profile Finder (concise version) – learn more BELOW

This is the process that I have used to find and live my true calling in life!

I’m offering it to you for Half (50%) off the normal price when you register for the course by September 7, 2018.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

The Strand Study Bible sold exclusively at has a Spritual Gifts test and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

My #1 resource!  One of my mentors, Brother Brad Strand has given YOU – a Men Unplugged listener access to the only copy available, the PDF Version of the Strand Study Bible.

  • Exclusively at Men Unplugged$24.95 (a $100 SAVINGS). 


If you’ve listened to the podcast episode below (middle portion), you’ve heard me talk about the Strand Study Bible.  Here’s that podcast if you would like to hear more about Brother Brad, the study Bible and one of the mini-series in it.

Get Your Personality Report Today!

Benefits of our Personality Profile Report:

  • Improve communication
  • Identify Strengths
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn how you come across to others
  • Grow personally
  • Be more motivated
  • Improve relationships through understanding
  • Develop amazing people skills
  • Unlock your leadership potential
  • Quickly identify personality traits in others

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