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Jeff Jerina discusses key topics with well-known Christian leaders every single week

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Once a week every Monday.
Select podcasts are also available in video format (if noted in the audio podcast).

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No, it is completely FREE!

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To write a review about the Men Unplugged podcast go the iTunes podcast page. Click in the ratings and review tab and leave your rating and review.  Please note:  it takes approximately 2 days for your review to show up in iTunes.

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Practical resources to help you in one or more areas of your life:
On the resources page you will find products, services and books that I personally recommend.  These tools address career, spiritual growth, family, health, finances and more.  In most cases, you will receive a discount or FREE offering when using our promo code.  See the resources page for more information.

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Online training courses, as well as, personal and group coaching.  Go here for more information.

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What others are saying:

“Jeff delivers timely and impactful messages he gleans from his guests! Useful and actionable information every man can use in his life.  A well-produced podcast which is just the right length.  Great work!”  Greg Wagner

“Hey Jeff!  Thank you so much for your efforts in spreading God’s word and inspiring Christians all across the world to fix their eyes on Jesus. I became a Christian on May 19 2018 and your podcast has been transforming my walk with Christ each day. I couldn’t be more thankful that God has brought me to your show.”  Jason Kuan

“Great interview with Congressman Watts in episode 6.  Excellent advice on the art of forgiveness and how we should represent Christ daily.”  Mike Priest

“Positive advice and lessons for Christians at every point in their walk with God.”  Joseph C.

“Wonderful podcast with great nuggets of wisdom from interesting and unique quests!”  Clint Revels

“I love the format for the show.  The information that Jeff and his guests provide on each episode really help me as a husband and father. The topics, resources and practical tips provided on each podcast are invaluable for everyday living.  Not to mention it’s great to hear fellow brothers in Christ talk about real life and wisdom from a biblical perspective.  Great job!”  Matthew H.

“This podcast is great because Jeff Jerina is not affraid to ask the tough questions.  I look forward to listening every week because it is the perfect push to help me get through the week and remind me of the importance of what it means to be a man of Christ!”  A.C.

“Jeff has great insights on how to be an involved father who knows how to put God first.  He offers advice on how to be an active and encouraging husband and father, while also engaging with well-known guests fro across the nation.  If you’re looking for an uplifting and encouraging podcast, Men Unplugged is the one for you!”  John Davis

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“It’s like you’re getting coached on a different topic everyday, by the best coaches around”

Jeff Jerina, Founder & Host

On the resources page you’ll find products and services that I personally recommend.  These tools address career, spiritual growth, family, health, and finances.  In most cases, you will receive a discount or FREE offering when using our promo code.  See the resources page for more information.
Faith Without Fear book

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Men Unplugged Courses
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