Faith Without Fear (Audiobook + Paperback)

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Faith Without Fear: How to Share What You Believe with Confidence and Power

Audiobook and Paperback Book Bundle

*** Includes the Full Audiobook and Paperback Versions of Faith Without Fear
*** Over 3.5 Hours of Audio Material, Narrated by Jeff Jerina
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SHARING THE GOSPEL HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER (read endorsements from top Christian leaders and readers of the book at the bottom of this description)
  • Do you struggle with sharing your faith?
  • Are you afraid to share the gospel?
  • Do you worry that you will say something wrong or that you’re not qualified enough to tell others about Jesus?

All of these reasons and more can be overcome when you learn how to share your Faith Without Fear!

Founder and host of Men Unplugged, Jeff Jerina, gives you the ultimate playbook that he’s learned about reaching others for Christ and has taught men and women for over 18 years to confidently share their faith. 

In this book, you will:
  • Learn a simple, step-by-step guide for sharing the gospel to anyone you come across.
  • Clearly understand your role and God’s role in evangelism.
  • Remove any fear that you have about sharing your faith.
  • Be reminded you that your personal story of salvation matters.

No matter your age, vocation, or biblical knowledge, Faith Without Fear will encourage and equip you to share your faith in a simple, natural way.

What is Faith Without Fear?

It is NOT just another “how to” book on evangelism – although it will equip you with a practical way to share the good news with others.

It is NOT about making you feel bad for not sharing your faith.

It is NOT an apologetics book on how to defend your faith, yet you will learn how to defend your faith through God’s Word with courage and ease.

In Jeff Jerina’s experience, after speaking to countless men and women of faith, he has found that the reasons many Christians have for not sharing the gospel (fear, a lack of biblical knowledge, and others) are not actually the problem at all. Rather, the root cause keeping evangelicals from sharing their faith is something entirely different. And that’s the good news, because the problem can quickly and easily be solved.

Inside this audiobook and paperback package you’ll find the solution (the actual playbook) to help you naturally share your faith with anyone you come across, at anytime, any where.

You’ll be encouraged and equipped to share your faith through:

  • Real-life witnessing accounts
  • Inspiring biblical stories
  • Role-playing examples for you, your church, or group
  • Links to other FREE and valuable courses and resources
  • Practical examples to unleash your witnessing skills
  • and more…

As an added bonus: Game plan, discussion questions, and role-playing sections help you quickly process and apply what you’ve read (perfect for individual or group study).

Jeff Jerina is a public speaker, broadcaster, evangelist, and Christian pastor whose life was radically transformed when he accepted God’s free gift of salvation. Since then he has reached hundreds of thousands with the message of the gospel and has equipped believers for over 18 years to share their faith with confidence and power.

As a graduate of Liberty Theological Seminary and host of the Men Unplugged podcast, Jeff and top Christian leaders provide listeners around the world with solutions to ignite their faith and succeed in every aspect of life.

Faith Without Fear was created to help Christians easily and confidently share the hope of Christ with others.

What Others Are Saying:

“What sets Faith Without Fear apart from so many others is its brevity, practicality, and inspiration. You will be excited and equipped to share your faith in a shockingly short amount of time. A great resource for individuals, small groups, and entire churches.” –Gary Thomas, Best-selling author

“Jeff and I spoke for the first time on his talk show, Men Unplugged. I immediately noticed his passion for reaching non-Christians and equipping fellow believers to do the same. You’ll be encouraged as you learn that anyone (regardless of age, vocation, or experience) can learn how to share the gospel.” –Josh McDowell, Best-selling author

“If you’ve ever wondered how to fulfill the Great Commission by starting in your own back yard, look no further. Faith Without Fear is an outstanding and practical guide on how to start the faith conversation.” –Steve Arterburn, Best-selling author

“Jeff has answered the nagging question of so many Christians. How do I start a conversation about Jesus with a non-believer? Read Faith Without Fear and apply it and watch God transform the world through you.” –Dr. David Cook, Author

“This book will give you the confidence to share the gospel with anyone you come in contact with.” –JC Watts Jr., Former US Congressman

“Jeff really helps take the fear out of sharing the gospel. My greatest endorsement of Faith Without Fearis within two weeks of finishing it I found myself sharing the gospel, without hesitation, three times.” –Matt Wester, reader

“If you lack the confidence, don’t think you have enough knowledge of the Bible to witness to others, have a fear of sharing your story, or you think someone will ask you questions you can’t answer then this book will help resolve all those issues.” –Jeff Brandstetter, reader


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