A Step-by-Step Guide to DISCOVER & LIVE Your TRUE PURPOSE

I have just completed the Ten Steps to Live with Power & Purpose course and coaching training with Jeff. If you are a person seeking God and a better understanding of what God’s plan for you is then this course is a great way to start your journey. Jeff has a true gift from God for teaching and through his coaching he will give you the tools to direct your journey. I know this course will help me going forward. The course along with the coaching and the great Men UnPlugged Podcasts interviews are spiritually uplifting and will greatly enhance your relationship with God and his kingdom. 1 Thessalonians states “Test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.” I will be testing out what I have learned in this course and holding on to what works for me.  I pray others will do the same.

Jeff B.

Tennessee, USA

I had the opportunity to take the course and it really motivated me to take the next step in finding my true purpose.  The course modules and self discovery tools / PDF documents created a learning environment where I could fully understand how God has designed me.  The extra coaching I got from Jeff really gave me the clarity and direction I needed on how and where my best fit is.  If you want to find out more about yourself or just that need that extra push I would encourage you to take the course.

Chris L.

Tennessee, USA

After applying the principles I learned in Jeff’s book, Ten Steps to Power and Purpose and this course, I finally feel as though I can begin to take some real steps to find my purpose.

Scott T.

Texas, USA

Are You Ready for Something Better?


Stuck in a job that doesn't match your skill set?

This course will help you better understand where your best suited.


Wondering what your spiritual gifts are?

This course helps you find your spiritual gift / s and how to best use them to build up others in Christian service.


Unhappy or unfulfilled in your job?

Ten Steps to Live with Power and Purpose will help you see where your true value resides.


Feeling like you should be doing something else?

As you work through each module and resource we offer and I recommend, your path will become more clear.


Ready to take the next step in living a life of significance and meaning?

Ten Steps will motivate, encourage and equip you to do just that.


Trying to figure out what type of job or ministry you should do next?

This course will help you discover how God has created you for a particular role or task.

What You’ll Learn


How God has designed you for a specific purpose


How to live with maximum power


What your personality type is


What Motivates You (Your Passion)


Insights / patterns with your past experiences


How to Overcome those things that hold you back


Actionable Steps You Can Take Today

If you want to discover how God has designed you for a specific purpose or you want to live out your true calling then you’ll want to take these ten steps.

What is Ten Steps to Live with Power and Purpose?

A practical guide to help you find your God given Kingdom assignment.  In this self-paced course, you’ll discover how God has designed you for a specific purpose and how to live that out with power and passion.

Ten Steps to Live with Power and Purpose (Ten Steps) is my proven complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2, step 3) to discover and live your true purpose in life – your God-given Kingdom assignment. No ambiguity or confusion. Literally step-by-step nothing is left out. You’ll have access to all the tools and resources to pinpoint your talents, spiritual gifts, passion and more in the comfort of your own home or office.  Not to mention, you’ll have the confidence knowing that these 10 steps are the same I went through in my own 20 year journey to find out my true calling. Ten Steps is a 10 Module practial guide that walks you through exactly how to find and live your specific purpose.
  • Login 24/7 (all digital and downloadable)
  • Literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out.
  • You’ll receive all the
    • PDF downloads
    • links to online resources/assessments
    • and video tutorials.

Some of What You’ll Get

10 Straight Forward Lessons

25 Years of My Own Experience

2 to 3 Hours of Video Tutorials / PDF Downloads

1 FREE Personality Profile

1 FREE Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Jeff Jerina

Jeff Jerina

Founder and Host, Men Unplugged

Thank you for checking out this course page for Ten Steps to Live with Power and Purpose.  I truly believe that this course will help you find an live your true purpose – how God has designed you specifically for a life of eternal impact.

With that said, I look forward to helping you out every step of the way.

If you have any questions about the course or would like to know about by my personal and group coaching, feel free to email me at

Plug in and Recharge,


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