59: How to Embrace Your True Self Worth

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Do you struggle at times with self esteem? Maybe you or someone else you know needs to hear the truth of where your self worth is found. Today’s featured guest is the gentleman, Paul Williams, a licensed professional counselor who led Jeff to the Lord. Jeff shares his compelling story of going from severe depression battling his self worth through BDD and OCD to understanding his and your self worth is found in Jesus Christ. Paul provides biblical counsel and wisdom on how to overcome a negative self image with one that is positive and accurate. As a Christian you will be encouraged to hear today’s episode, a masterclass on self worth.

Key Points:

  • When you place your faith in Jesus Christ, you are a new creation, but our flesh still wants to revert back to your old nature
  • No matter what, understand and accept that your value that transforms you is that God accepts you as a child of His through your faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We get in the way when we try to add our righteousness to God’s righteousness
  • Learn two main truths as you grow as a new creation in Jesus Christ
  • Beware of distractions in your life
  • The way up is down

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  • Jesus Calling
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