44: How to Develop and Maintain an Authentic Heart for Worship

A talk with one of Jeff’s former seminary professor’s Dr. Rodney Whaley about how to develop and sustain a heart of worship.  You’ll hear an amazing story about God’s creation, a rich experience of worship and God’s provision through an experience that Dr. Whaley had running the Idatarod sled dog race.   Learn how to develop and maintain an authentic heart for worship.      

Key Points:

  • God speaks to us in His voice in those moments of solitude
  • We talk about we love God’s music but do we love the God of the music?
  • When the Lord restores your soul it’s usually for something that’s coming next
  • Worship is not something you do it’s something you are
  • What you are in the eyes of God in the depth of your heart will determine what you do
  • A man with no integrity is not a worshipper
  • Be a person who serves others
  • Worship is not an act (however, there are acts of worship – example praying, reading God’s Word, going to church but there are people that engage in that act but do not take it with them). Worship is when you commit with your entire will and your spirit to God’s will.
  • Worship requires a clean heart
  • Worship is a choice
  • Our mouth should declare your praise 
  • Evangelism is a command it is not just a gift
  • The conduit for the relationship that God wants with us is worship

Resources Mentioned:

  • Men Unplugged Super Bible Sale– Get the ultimate digital KJV Study Bible plus 3 free gifts for only $19.95 by July 1st
  • Men Unplugged Facebook page
  • The Bible
  • Psalm 139:16, “Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them.”
  • James 1
  • Joshua 1:5
  • Psalm 23



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