64: How to Lean on the Lord in Tough Times with Actor Tom Ohmer

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Actor Tom Ohmer from movies like The Dark Knight Rises, GI Joe, Dolphin Tale 2, Breaking Away and T.V. shows like Monk, CSI, Criminal Minds, the Love Boat and Dynasty joins the Men Unplugged podcast to share his life story on how he has leaned on the Lord in tough times. Gain valuable tips on how to lean on the Lord Jesus in those valleys and difficult times in life. Jeff Jerina and his guest Tom Ohmer also offer encouraging words of hope in any situation as well.

Guest Bio:

Tom Ohmer’s acting career has spanned three decades, in which he’s starred as a loving dad on Red Band Society, Moonlight and Tosh.0; a rocket scientist on NCIS:LA; and a pilot in crisis on Leverage. He’s often recognized as the brutal hit-man Bosola on Criminal Minds and for his recurring role as underling Sgt. Lyman on Monk. Tom’s work in front of the camera has been deeply influenced by his early years in the Army and the many years he spent in the Los Angeles and Simi Valley Police Departments. Tom employs both sides of his professional life as the subject matter expert on Bellum Entertainment’s internationally syndicated series Corrupt Crimes.

Tom grew up in Carmel, Indiana and got his start in the entertainment industry when he was cast as a fraternity jock in the Oscar-winning Breaking Away, filmed on his college campus at Indiana University. After modeling and acting in commercials in Chicago, he headed to Los Angeles where he landed his first TV job as Joan Collins’ chauffeur on Dynasty. He quickly moved on to roles on The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, Cheers, and a recurring role on Days of Our Lives.

Key Tips:

  • Regardless of your situation in life, always lean on the Lord’s strength to see you through
  • As a born-again believer, the Holy Spirit is with you guiding and counseling you
  • When trying to find out what the God wants you to do, keep praying and trusting Him to guide your path
  • If you’re struggling in your current job, maybe consider the fact the Lord wants you to step out in faith towards a career path.

Resources Mentioned:

Jeff Jerina, Founder and Host of the Men Unplugged show chats with other top Christian Leaders every week to help men ignite their faith, strengthen their family and live with power and purpose.  As a gifted communicator, evangelist and author Jeff speaks and offers training forums to organizations, churches, Men’s groups, school and events.



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