54: How You Can Save Money with the Best Kept Secret in Health Care

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Learn how to save money every month on your health care costs.   Jeff Jerina brings in one of his good friends, Monty Suther, on today’s show. Jeff has teamed up with Monty (owner of the FABA Group) to offer individuals, families, schools, churches and organizations a better and more cost effective alternative to traditional health insurance. This includes a direct pay concierge wellness program, additional benefits, as well as, advice on health care sharing plans.

Key Points:

  • Hear from Jeff how he and his wife save over $10,000 on two claims through this non traditional approach to health care
  • A brief look into how this plan works for individuals, families, schools, churches and companies
  • To learn more about this program email jeff@MenUnplugged.net

Resources Mentioned:

Jeff Jerina, Founder and Host of the Men Unplugged show chats with other top Christian Leaders every week to help men ignite their faith, strengthen their family and live with power and purpose.  As a gifted communicator, evangelist and author Jeff speaks and offers training forums to organizations, churches, Men’s groups, school and events.




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