81: Seven Days to a More Spiritually, Physically and Mentally Fit You

Celebrity Trainer, Alec Penix, joins Men Unplugged with Jeff Jerina to give you a fitness plan that will help you stay spiritually, physically and mentally fit. This plan, for men and women, gives you the training regimen for making those positive changes in your life. 

Lasting changes that will help you remove those reasons or excuses that drag you down or disempower you in a way that keeps you from growing in your daily Christian walk, physical fitness and mental toughness. 

You’ll find out what the six pillars of promise are and how they can help your mind, body and soul.

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Resources Mentioned:

Guest Bio:

Alec Penix is a celebrity fitness trainer and co-author of the book Seven Sundays, Alec has trained actors, musicians, CEOs, professional athletes, as well as, olympians including an olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas.  He’s appeared on The Insider television program and magazines such as People, Home and Family, as well as, Muscle and Fitness.

Key Points:

  • There’s a difference between giving people your time and giving people your presence.
  • Find out what the 6 pillars of promise are (3 on the spiritual side and 3 on the physical side)
  • Learn how to eat healthier, exercise better, create a better sleep schedule while deepening your walk with the Lord at the same time.
  • Learn what Intermittent fasting is.

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