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Men Unplugged, and it’s dynamic host Jeff Jerina, provides it’s listeners a refreshing, practical,inspirational and entertaining resource from extraordinary leaders. Plug In and be propelled to flourish in all aspects of your life.”

Steve Fedyski

COO, Pure Flix Entertainment

“Jeff, thanks again for allowing me to be on the Men Unplugged show.  Great job of asking the tough questions!  This is exactly the kind of resource we need as men.  One that offers real and practical coaching on how to live as a true warrior for Christ.”

Brett Carroll

Pro Athlete, MLB Baseball

“I urge you to listen to Men Unplugged on a regular basis. As men, we need the encouragement and teaching that my friend, Jeff Jerina, provides. If you want to be the man God is calling you to become, listen to Men Unplugged today!”

Paul Pettit

Founder, Dynamic Dads

72: How Your Faith Helps in Personal Tragedy with Dr. Jamie Aten

What do you do when you’re faced with a personal tragedy? The loss of a loved one, a financial crisis, having your doctor tell you that you have a terminal health problem… all of these are difficult trials that life throws at you. Today’s guest, a cancer survivor and disaster psychologist shares how faith is the key to dealing with these battles.

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71: Three Reasons Why Men Stop Going to Church

Why are more men not attending church or staying connecting with another body of believers?  Whether it’s in a big congregation or a smaller Acts based church meeting in someone’s home for Bible study, prayer and fellowship some men are being left out spiritually. 

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