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How to Share What You Believe with Confidence and Power…

“You will ALWAYS be ready to share your faith without fear or hesitation. Faith Without Fear, provides a simple , proven method for sharing the gospel.”
—Josh McDowell

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“You will be excited and equipped to share your faith in a shockingly short amount of time.”  —Gary Thomas

“Jeff has answered the nagging question of so many Christians. How do I start a conversation about Jesus with a non-believer? Read Faith Without Fear and apply it and watch God transform the world through you.” —Dr. David Cook

Do you struggle with sharing your faith? Are you afraid to share the gospel? Do you worry that you will say something wrong or that you’re not qualified enough to tell others about Jesus?

In Faith Without Fear: How to Share What You Believe With Confidence and Poweryou can overcome all these reasons and more when you learn how to share your Faith Without Fear!

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What is Faith Without Fear?

It is NOT  just another “how to” book on evangelism – although it will equip you with a simple step-by-step way to share the hope of Christ with others. A method that is natural for you and the individual you speak with.

It is NOT about making you feel bad for not sharing your faith.

It is NOT an apologetics book on how to defend your faith – yet as you go through each easy read to chapter, you will be able to defend your faith through God’s Word with courage and ease.

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You will be encouraged as you learn that anyone (regardless of age, vocation, or experience) can learn how to share the gospel. As you will learn in this book, all it takes is practice.

Josh McDowell

Top Christian apologist & Best-selling author

“If you’ve ever wondered how to fulfill the Great Commission by starting in your own back yard, with the people you know and new ones you meet, look no further.”

Steve Arterburn

Best-selling author

“As your evangelism coach, Jeff provides a step-by-step guide for sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with others. This book will give you the confidence to share the gospel with anyone you come in contact with.”

JC Watts

Fromer U.S. Congressman

“What sets Faith Without Fear apart from so many others is its brevity, practicality, and inspiration. What a great resource for individuals, small groups and entire churches who want to take more seriously the call to fulfill the Great Commission.”

Gary Thomas

Best-selling author

Introducing Faith Without Fear How to Share What You Believe With Confidence and Power

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When You Purchase the Discounted Copy of Faith Without Fear You Will:

  • RECIEVE a FREE digital copy (PDF) of the Pocket Gospel.
  • RECEIVE a FREE digital copy (PDF) of the Pocket Gospel (alternative method)

NOTE: Details of how to get both FREE copies of The Pocket Gospel are inside the book.

Inside of Faith Without Fear You Will:

Be encouraged and equipped to share Jesus with others with confidence, clarity, and ease as you advance through each chapter. You will find:

  • real-life witnessing accounts
  • inspiring biblical stories
  • a simple, yet proven template for sharing the gospel
  • role-playing examples for you, your church, or group
  • biblical explanations
  • links to other FREE and valuable resources
  • information about Jeff’s evangelism training course and coaching
  • practical examples to unleash your witnessing skills
  • and more…

A Recap of What You Get:

Faith Without Fear teaches you a simple way to accurately and confidently share the hope of Christ. It will inspire you to respond to those divine witnessing opportunities with confidence and zeal. As you go through each lesson, you will:

  • Get a simple, step-by-step guide for sharing the gospel to anyone you come across, at anytime, anywhere.
  • Understand your role and God’s role in evangelism.
  • Crush any fears that you have about sharing your faith.
  • Be reminded that your personal story of salvation matters.
  • You will embark on the greatest journey of all — setting the captives free.

I look forward to joining you on this noble quest.

Jeff Jerina

Some of What You’ll Get With Your Discounted Purchase of the Faith Without Fear book:

1. FREE Pocket Gospel (PDF)

2. FREE Pocket Gospel (PDF) – alternative method

3. FREE Links to other Resources

Jeff Jerina is the founder and host of Men Unplugged (a Christ-centered broadcast and resource for men and their families), author of Faith Without Fear, and a graduate of Liberty Theological Seminary. On the Men Unplugged talk show, Jeff and well-known Christian leaders provide listeners around the world with practical tips and solutions to succeed in every aspect of life. For more than 18 years, he has been speaking and teaching on a variety of topics, including: Evangelism, leadership, purpose, and men’s issues.

He has worked as an executive in the corporate and non-profit sectors, as well as, an entrepreneur. As a Christian pastor and public speaker, he loves to interact with and entertain audiences in ways that create lasting impact. Jeff has been known to juggle, perform card tricks, and do the moonwalk on stage. He enjoys teaching others through his keynote speeches, courses, and group training forums.

He spends most of his time now speaking, writing, developing courses, and managing Men Unplugged.

He and his wife, Amy, live in Texas with their two children.

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